The Netherlocks Power Wrench portable pneumatic valve actuator facilitates operation of manual valves for process industry employees while contributing to safe working conditions.

It is capable of opening and closing any size, type or number of manually operated valves, making it a cost effective alternative to multiple actuators.

The Power Wrench connects to valves by a bolt-on universal drive plate, allowing a single Power Wrench to operate multiple valves: plates can be installed on all necessary valves, then the operator can simply and quickly attach and use the Power Wrench as and when needed. The drive plates do not interfere with normal manual operation. Air-powered (4-7 bar), it is also safe for use in applications where explosive and/ or flammable liquids or gasses are present.

The integrated safety lever and variable throttle valve configuration enforces two-handed operation of the Power Wrench, making sure the operator has full control over the device at all times. The device weighs only 10.2kg and can effect up to 515Nm of torque, meaning even the toughest manual valves can now be turned quickly and easily without unnecessary strain on the operator.