McPhy Energy distributor in Russia, Inter Analyt, will install a fully integrated and containerised solution for a client in Russia. It includes a hydrogen and oxygen generator, water purification and gas purification in a 20 feet container.

This is the biggest command since PIEL acquisition, proving that the Italian company has been well integrated into McPhy’s structure. The hydrogen Russian market is a growing market and it is important for McPhy to be well represented in this country. The collaboration with Inter Analyt, former Piel distributor, offers interesting perspectives.

“Our company is the official distributor of Piel in Russia for more than 10 years,” says Dmitry Ermolaev, CEO of Inter Analyt. “As one of the leaders in the Russian sales of hydrogen generators, we will be glad to cooperate with [McPhy Energy].”

“The Russian market is challenging and it is important to have good partnerships there,” says Adamo Screnci, Executive Vice President of Sales and CEO of McPhy Italy. “With its experience in hydrogen and its knowledge of the market, Inter Analyt seems to be the right partner for McPhy to become a major actor in the Russian market of hydrogen generators.”

As a specialist in storing hydrogen in solid form using metal hydrides, McPhy has developed extensive knowledge in the technology of producing hydrogen from water electrolysis. With its unique expertise, McPhy offers solutions for the production and storage of low-pressure hydrogen for industrial and energy storage by combining electrolysers with solid hydrogen storage.

McPhy Energy is listed in the Global Cleantech 100 and the Top 5 Cleantech France. The company has recently signed numerous contracts in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Japan, demonstrating its technological leadership.

With its Italian branch, McPhy Energy Italy, McPhy has now more than 3,000 alkaline electrolysers around the world, which represents approximately 7,000 Nm3/h in operation for more than 1,000 customers.