Inert gases, such as nitrogen, are playing an important role in a large number of industrial process applications by preventing unwanted chemical reactions.

Nitrogen has historically been the gas of choice in this market, due to its low reactivity at most temperatures and relatively low cost. There are several methods of producing nitrogen, including the vaporisation of liquid nitrogen stored in cryogenic tanks, catalytically decomposing ammonia or using a process called Pressure-Swing Adsorption. The latter method allows the user to separate nitrogen from air in an economically feasible manner by using carbon molecular sieves to selectively adsorb the oxygen from air, while allowing the nitrogen to flow through.

Regardless of the nitrogen generation method a user decides on, the key to inert gas blanketing is to ensure that the critical oxygen level is not exceeded. This is where the Rapidox range of oxygen analysers can provide vital monitoring of the oxygen measurements, thus ensuring purity and stopping any contamination within the users’ application. With a range of gas analysers that include internal pumps for sampling, or mountable external sensors, Cambridge Sensotec can provide a solution for many inert gas handling applications.

The Rapidox range of analysers offers fast, accurate and reliable oxygen measurements down to ppm levels. With Cambridge Sensotec’s software users can optimise their use of nitrogen, by utilising the readings from the Rapidox to control their application, which can also lead to significant cost savings due to a reduction of nitrogen usage.

Applications include;

•           Modified Atmosphere Packaging

•           Welding high quality metals including stainless steel and titanium

•           Flow Soldering

•           Semi Conductor manufacturing

•           Reflow ovens

•           Protecting flammable cargoes

•           Avoiding oxidation of various metals

•           Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing