Witt, the leader in gas technology, presents one of the most advanced solutions for monitoring the gas pressure in gas mixing systems - called NXT+.

This new alarm module monitors the gas pressures at the inputs of the gas mixer and in the mixing gas vessel to ensure a constant process quality.

Witt mixers work with a high pressure fluctuation tolerance and provide precise gas mixtures even at different input pressures. However, major irregularities in the gas supply can occur. In this case, only alarm modules such as the NXT+ provide protection against unwanted gas mixtures resulting in expensive production failures. The system not only receives signals from the input pressure monitors integrated in the mixers, it also monitors the pressure in the mixing gas vessel. In this way, the entire process remains under control centrally, from the gas input to the mixing gas output. The alarm module is also available as a retrofit.

A digital display on the front of the device lets you view the measuring values. In addition, six LEDs signal whether the monitoring is active and the values are within the freely adjustable limit values. A time delay for the alarm can be specified in order to customize the sensitivity of the alarm module and tolerate low pressure fluctuations. An acknowledgement of the alarm reception can also be activated. The system saves the alarm messages to make it easier to track the errors.

And what is more, the alarm limits can also be set quickly and easily via the display. For comprehensive administration, r, Witt provides the convenient ³Alarm Control Software.². Alternatively, the NXT+ can also be accessed via the system program “HyperTerminal” available on almost every Windows PC.