Commenting on today’s budget, Greenpeace executive director John Sauven and energy campaigner Lawrence Carter have responded to the breaking news.

John Sauven said, “This was a twentieth-century budget for a twentieth-first century economy. We got tax breaks for polluters and almost complete disinterest in the green economy, one of the only sectors that has consistently delivered jobs and growth in recent years. British businesses stand poised to become dominant forces in the global clean energy market, but they’re being undermined by a Chancellor who seems increasingly ill-suited to the times we live in. This man lacks a vision.”

Fracking also featured later in the budget announcement made just moments ago.

Responding to the Chancellor’s announcement of tax breaks for the shale gas industry, Greenpeace energy campaigner Lawrence Carter said, “The Chancellor is slashing public services with one hand while gifting tax breaks to the fossil fuel industry with the other.  This is unfair on struggling households, especially when everyone from the energy regulator Ofgem to BP to the Energy Secretary say UK fracking won’t bring down bills.”

He continued, “Bungs to the gas industry make it harder for Britain to meet its climate targets and stifle the low carbon sector, which provided one third of all UK growth between 2011-2012. Green jobs and investment are at risk here. George Osborne needs to stop playing Britain’s JR Ewing and instead back the shift to carbon free energy, which will create jobs and be cleaner, safer and cheaper over time.”