SEPPIC, a subsidiary of the Air Liquide Group, is this year’s recipient of the Pierre Potier Award for its SIMULSOL®SL7 G innovation.

Each year, the Pierre Potier Award singles out the best innovations in the chemical industry that promote sustainable development.

SIMULSOL®SL7 G is a highly efficient bio-sourced hydrotrope that is required for numerous industrial applications. What makes SEPPIC’s product innovative is that it is exclusively bio-sourced (plant based) and is manufactured using a process that complies with the principles of green chemistry.

In personal care, hygiene and detergents, the development of effective formulas implies forming complex blends of tensioactives, salts and diverse adjuvants. These formulas in turn require the addition of hydrotropes to obtain a mix that is durably homogenous. The current offering is mainly composed of aromatic sulfonate and phosphate derivatives of petrochemical origin.

In 2012, SEPPIC developed SIMULSOL®SL7 G, the first product of its kind that offers the following benefits:

Exclusively bio-sourced, using glucose and heptanol obtained from ricin oil

Manufactured using a process that complies with the principles of green chemistry (catalytic processes, gentle conditions, solvent free)

Rapid biodegradability limits the environmental impact of the product.

SEPPIC in a nutshell

A subsidiary of the Air Liquide Group, within the Healthcare activity, SEPPIC develops and markets a wide range of healthcare specialty ingredients – excipients and active ingredients – intended for the personal care, pharmaceutical and vaccine markets. Present in over 70 countries through its subsidiaries and its network of distributors, SEPPIC employs over 600 people around the world, including 100 researchers.

Air Liquide Healthcare

Air Liquide Healthcare supplies medical gases, home healthcare services, hygiene products, medical equipment and specialty ingredients. In 2012, it served over 7,500 hospitals and 1 million patients at home throughout the world. The group’s Healthcare business reached € 2,482m in revenues in 2012, with 10,000 employees.