Bronkhorst High-Teach has announced the release of a new flow control system which can save the used both space and cost.

By means of the innovative mounting concept FLOW-SMS a variety of components for mass flow and pressure measurement and control can be assembled to constitute a very compact gas delivery system. On a lightweight but still rugged mounting rail system one or more mass flow (or pressure) sensor/control modules can be combined with mixing chambers, (pneumatic, electrical or manual) shut-off valves, filters or any other functional module as per customer’s request.

Flow ranges can be selected between approx. 5mln/min up to 50ln/min or even higher. In case a pressure sensor or controller is included, the pressure range can be chosen between 0-100mbar and 0-10 bar absolute or gauge.

The three major criteria for development – space efficiency, service friendliness and flexibility of expansion or modification – are realised within a compact, top-mount design. As a standard, FLOW-SMS systems can be configured for up to nine channels. In agreement with the customer, Bronkhorst High-Tech will supply the completely assembled systems tested on functionality and leak tightness, ready to plug and perform. Customers will not only benefit the space efficiency but also a reduction of labour for pipe installation and testing. By means of the customer’s flow chart, Bronkhorst will realise the “LEGO-principle” fluid delivery or mixing system - accurate, reliable and well documented.