Yara has announced the commissioning of two dedicated liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) tanker vessels to bolster its unique liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) supply concept.

The new ships have double the loading capacity of their predecessors and are equipped with engines equipped with Yara emission reduction technology.

The ships, named Yara Embla and Yara Froya after figures in Norse mythology, replace the former Yara Gas I and II. The ships will connect Yara’s liquid CO2 plants and terminals and serve as additional mobile back-up storage to provide unrivalled supply reliability to customers across Western Europe. This reinforces Yara’s position as the leading producer of liquid CO2 in Europe.Yara Froya entered into service in mid-March and Yara Embla a month later, while Yara Gas III will continue to serve.

“Yara Embla and Yara Froya provide an even more robust and flexible supply chain to Yara’s liquid CO2 customers. The investment in faster ships with a much greater storage capacity demonstrates our commitment to reliable supplies to our CO2 business customers in the years to come”, said Yves Bonte, Head of Yara’s Industrial Segment.

“The ships’ enhanced storage capacity enable us to deliver larger quantities of liquid CO2 in one go to meet demand spikes due to seasonality or unexpected occurrences on the market”, said Bonte.

By retrofitting both new ships with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction technology) NOx reduction technology, Yara reduces the ships’ NOx emissions by 80%. Yara thus further demonstrates the importance of clean activities and its role as an industry shaper in air quality issues.

“We are happy to make a positive impact on the air quality at sea and in the harbors where we have our terminals, having liquid CO2 ships with much lower NOx emissions than required by existing legislation”, concluded Bonte.