With the launch of the new MG1000, Witt has introduced a gas mixer to the market with an extraordinary high flow rate of up to 1.264 Nm3/h (44,617 SCFH).

The company notes that the performance of the already impressive and award-winning MG500 series is more than doubled as a result in the new device.

It generates a mixture from two non-corrosive, non-toxic gases, while a special EEx version is available for flammable gases. Covering a full spectrum of mixing ranges of 0-100 percent, including smaller mixing ranges, such as 0-5 percent, every conceivable concentration can be mixed – and delivered in any volume.

Any pressure fluctuations in the gas supply are compensated for by the integrated pressure equalizing system.

The new gas mixer is also distinguished by simple and user-friendly handling; a fully intuitive and infinite mixture setting is possible, for example. Witt has installed an electro-pneumatic proportional mixing valve for this, which is controlled by the widely used Witt digital controller ‘Gas Control 50’.

This enables complete remote control of the mixer, including data management and evaluation, as well as export function via various interfaces. The gas mixture is permanently monitored by an analysis module before delivery, while it is also possible to monitor the inlet pressures and temperatures.

In the event of a fault, an alarm can be enabled, the mixer shut down or an external system automatically activated. The tolerable difference between the gas temperature and ambient temperature is 45°C (113ºF). A heater for the mixer and control, as well as filters in the gas inlet, can be integrated. To protect the device settings, all operating elements, including the colored touch screen, are located behind a lockable window.

The MG1000 is operated with a downstream buffer tank of up to 2000 litres.