Class of H2: Hydrogen Building Blocks: Module 1: Ultra-Pure Water for Electrolysis

Ultra-Pure Water for Electrolysis 

Date: March 12th | Time: 08:30 – 11:00 (GMT)

Questions around water usage in electrolysis processes and technologies are one of the biggest recurring topics in the hydrogen space.  

The dominant path to green hydrogen is splitting ultra-pure water using renewable electrical power on an electrolyser. For each kg of green hydrogen produced, as much as 9-10 litres of water are consumed by electrolysis. 

This equates to circa 200 litres of water per MW of electrolyser capacity. To generate that amount of ultra-pure water, circa 1.5 times as much fresh water is required. And to generate desalinated fresh water, approximately twice as much seawater is required. 

There are many steps between seawater and ultra-pure water. If any of those fails, the electrolyser stack could be damaged beyond repair. If the water processing plant fails, the electrolyser must shut down, resulting in failure to supply off takers, or causing problems with downstream ammonia synthesis. Reliability and consistent ultrapure water quality are key. 

In this module, learn all about the role of water in electrolysis, all of these requirements in water usage and purification, the technologies to meet these requirements, and so much more besides. Specifically, get the inside track on:   

  • Electrolyser feed water specifications 
  • The business case for investing in ultra-pure water 
  • De-risking billion-dollar investments with an informed strategy 
  • Proven technologies for desalination and purification

These modules are led by expert Stephen B. Harrison, Managing Director at sbh4.

About the Class of H2

Designed for new entrants to the hydrogen sector, those already working with hydrogen and need to develop their knowledge, or those considering transition to hydrogen.

This is the second series of modules, following our debut masterclass: Hydrogen Fundamentals. Both masterclasses can be viewed on our website – all purchased modules are available on demand, so don’t worry if you have missed or cannot attend the live sessions.

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12th of March
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