• Messer-CVC to pick up more merger assets in US?

  • Merger divestment details in India emerge

  • Gas distributors “optimistic” at GAWDA Annual Convention

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  • New Zealand-map

    gasreport: South Pacific - New Zealand


    The commercial industrial gases business in New Zealand achieved estimated revenues of approximately $165m in 2016. This is up from $115m in 2006, indicating an average annual growth rate of 3.6%.

  • Philippines

    gasreport: South East Asia - Philippines


    The commercial industrial gases market in the Philippines estimated to have generated revenues of $300 million in 2016. This is up from $110 million in 2006, indicating an impressive average annual growth rate of 11% for the decade.

  • Taiwan

    gasreport: North Pacific - Taiwan


    The Taiwanese commercial gases market generated estimated revues of $1.17bn in 2016. This is up from $680m in 2006, indicating and average annual growth rate of 5.6% over the past decade.

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