Asia-Pacific Industrial Gas Conference 2023: DELIVERING ON THE PROMISE OF GROWTH

The Asia-Pacific region has long been a market of allure for the global gases business, not least for its wealth of business opportunity.

Some may say the region has already realised much of its potential – but a great wave of opportunity is yet to be tapped into, both for those within the region and those outside looking in, ready to enable growth.

Parallel to this growth is a mandate not only for clean energies, but decarbonisation across the industrial ecosystem. This in itself presents not just a window of opportunity, but a sense of responsibility for the gases industry.

So how does the burgeoning Asia-Pacific region truly deliver on the promise of its growth potential? Where does the promise meet the challenges of reality? And how can the industry come together at this intersection of opportunity for the benefit of all?

There are questions to be answered for all across Asia-Pacific, and pieces of the puzzle to pull together, not least in the region’s foremost industrial gas market: China.

The People’s Republic has already delivered on much of its growth prospects, but is still only scratching the surface. At the same time, the country has this year tempered its economic growth expectations and many believe a more cautious outlook is on the horizon in the years ahead. So what comes next?

Will the great industrial gas build-out in China continue, or can we expect to see projects slow? Can China deliver against its expectations in electrolyser capacities and green hydrogen, as hoped?

Join gasworld for its show-stopper 2.5 day event at the Renaissance Hotel & Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to discuss all of this and more. Learn more about China’s clean energy and industrial gas build-out. Tap into the talking points in electronics in Southeast Asia and build your core in specialty gases. Acquire the knowledge to further your own operational efficiencies. And make the connections that matter to deliver against your own promise of growth in the region.

Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel & Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur
5-7th December 2023
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