Class of H2: Hydrogen Building Blocks: Module 2: Mature Electrolysis Technologies for Green Hydrogen/Ammonia

Mature Electrolysis Technologies for Green Hydrogen/Ammonia 

Green hydrogen and ammonia are widely acknowledged to be two key – and intrinsically linked – pillars in the diversified and sustainable energy landscape of tomorrow.  

On one hand, hydrogen is a clean and renewable energy source with the highest energy content by weight among alternative fuels – and around six times more energy than ammonia. What it makes up for in potential, however, it currently lacks in terms of infrastructure and supply. 

Ammonia, meanwhile, is the most popular substance as a green hydrogen carrier and has firmly entered the conversation in recent years for both its clean fuel potential and its readily available infrastructure. The total hydrogen content of ammonia is higher than other fuels, rendering it suitable to convert to hydrogen, and it does not carry carbon. 

Several pathways already exist for green hydrogen/ammonia production. Hydrogen can be produced from ammonia through several technologies, such as electrochemical, photocatalytic and thermochemical processes, while PEM electrolysis has its origins in the 1970s and the invention of the solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) membrane and has scaled up in the past 50 years to challenge the dominance of alkaline electrolysers. 

In this module, learn all about the proven pathways and electrolysis technologies for green hydrogen and ammonia production, from PEM electrolysis to alkaline technologies and the catalysts, efficiencies and economics in-between.

These modules are led by expert Stephen B. Harrison, Managing Director at sbh4.

About the Class of H2

Designed for new entrants to the hydrogen sector, those already working with hydrogen and need to develop their knowledge, or those considering transition to hydrogen.

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