Class of H2: Hydrogen Building Blocks: Module 3: Emerging Electrolysis Technologies

Emerging Electrolysis Technologies 

In the same way that PEM electrolysers have innovated and scaled up in the past 50 years to challenge the dominance of alkaline electrolysers, new electrolyser technologies are now emerging. 

These technologies are challenging the green hydrogen paradigm, and presenting compelling new business opportunities. 

One high-potential electrolyser technology that is in the ascendancy, for example, is called AEM due to the use of an anion exchange membrane. In the past five years, the rise of AEM appears to have gained momentum internationally and its entry into the major league of green hydrogen production processes would now seem to be unstoppable. 

In this module, Class of H2 moves from the mature and proven electrolyser technologies, to the emerging and challenger pathways and their potential. Better understand the platforms open to your business, get to grips with the efficiencies, economics and safety considerations of your chosen technology route, and equip yourself with the toolkit of knowledge to succeed in the electrolysis sector. 

These modules will be led by Stephen B. Harrison, Managing Director at sbh4. 

About the Class of H2

Designed for new entrants to the hydrogen sector, those already working with hydrogen and need to develop their knowledge, or those considering transition to hydrogen.

This is the second series of modules, following our debut masterclass: Hydrogen Fundamentals. Both masterclasses can be viewed on our website – all purchased modules are available on demand, so don’t worry if you have missed or cannot attend the live sessions.

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