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What is gasworld?

gasworld is the only independent online news provider and information portal for the global industrial gas community and the larger end-user market for gases and equipment.

Alongside the online news services at, gasworld publishes a monthly hardcopy magazine – gasworld Magazine. gasworld also publishes a bi-monthly Chinese language magazine and owns the quarterly specialty gases publication, Specialty Gas Report. In addition, gasworld runs regional industrial gas conferences.


gasworld Online News

In order to provide real value for money, gasworld’s main focus is on providing daily and weekly news through the gasworld online news service. Our editorial team follows the industrial gases market continuously and delivers up-to-date news for subscribers to the service.

Whether it’s financial results or industrial exhibition news, look no further; and it is all readily available on-line. This increasingly popular portal currently receives an average 250,000 hits per month.

gasworld Directory & Calendar

gasworld also attracts a large variety of other users. The website has a regularly updated directory, which lists thousands of companies from the gases industry and a calendar that keeps members up to date with information concerning the latest exhibitions and seminars.

gasworld Magazine

This is a ‘must-read’ for everyone associated with production, supply, application and regulation in the industrial gases industry. Since it’s first edition in 2005 the magazine has grown to a 64-page publication, packed with news, interviews and special features, with a circulation of between 2000-3000 per month, to cover 130 countries worldwide.

gasworld magazine is dedicated to developing interesting and informative themes that interest everyone from key decision makers, to distributors and financial analysts, to equipment and service providers. We offer quality news from your industry, which ultimately means the best possible platform for advertisers to showcase their products and services.

gasworld Conferences

gasworld organises regional conferences bringing industrial gas experts from around the world together to Discuss/Converse/Converse and learn about new developments and up-and-coming regional affairs.

There are a number of gatherings that take place under gas association meetings (EIGA, IOMA, CGA, AIGA, JIGA) that only address purely technical and safety issues. There are very few opportunities for companies to gather, to understand more about commercial aspects of the industry – such as market dynamics, introduction of new technologies, leading edge operations within our business and more.

gasworld really understands the business and believes that there is more than enough interest to put on regional conferences for the industry. The aim being to keep companies informed on the latest trends within this dynamic industry.

gasworld conferences began with ‘The New Industry Gas Frontier conference’ in the Middle East (Dubai) in 2007. Since then we have been to South Africa (Johannesburg), in June 2008, South America (Chile), in January 2009, a return to the Middle East (Abu Dhabi) in 2009. In most recent years we held events in Ukraine and Kenya in 2010, with 2011seeing a return to South America (Rio de Janeiro) and our 3rd successful visit to Dubai. This year has been an exciting year taking gasworld to South East Asia (Singapore) for the very first time in June 2012, and we are about to cross the Atlantic for our largest conference to date to North America, Miami Florida in December 2012.

gasreports: Country Profiles

gasworld can provide your company with market intelligence and business information, essential tools for any business in order to enable it to make the right decisions, develop and forecast for the future. gasworld offers reports on various aspects of the global industrial gases business, regional specific for your company and up-to-date high quantitative data.

Compiled by the business team experts, the reports deliver detailed industrial gas market information, focusing on:

  • Industrial gas supply structure
  • Companies operating within each country
  • Market structure in terms of demand for gases (volume and value)
  • Macro-economic influences and drivers
  • Future market demand for gases (Realistic forecasts)

These gasreports are powered by Spiritus data – the leading global consultancy in the industrial gases business.

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