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Airgas ASU

Air Liquide completes Airgas acquisition

23 May 2016 13:58 GMT

Air Liquide has just announced the expected completion of the acquisition of Airgas, Inc., a $13.4bn deal first revealed in November 2015 and recently the subject of all necessary closing conditions and approvals.

Chesterfield Cylinders

CSC’s new hire pivotal to aerospace growth

24 May 2016 15:40 GMT

Leading high pressure gas containment systems manufacturer Chesterfield Special Cylinders (CSC) has appointed a former RAF Red Arrows squadron member as its new sales engineer, working in the transport and aerospace sectors.

facility for rare isotope beams

CAD Cut chosen for heavy ion accelerator

25 May 2016 15:46 GMT

The soon-to-open Facility for Rare Isotope Beams at Michigan State University has selected CAD Cut to provide cryogenic cutting kits for its heavy ion accelerator.


Funding for ‘smart rocks’ could enable carbon storage

25 May 2016 13:31 GMT

A professor from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK has received a prestigious European Research Council Advanced Award of €3m ($3.3m) to pursue frontier research into ‘smart rocks’ which could assist in the future storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) underground.

Uno x hydrogen station cropped

Norway H2 infrastructure grows following Uno-X and Praxair deal

24 May 2016 10:00 GMT

The hydrogen (H2) fuelling infrastructure continues to grow in Norway after Uno-X Hydrogen AS and a Norwegian affiliate of Praxair signed a strategic alliance to install a further 20 stations throughout the Scandinavian country.

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Concluding the conquest: Airgas acquisition officially complete

23 May 2016 14:09 GMT

So the ink is finally dry on the biggest deal in the industrial gases business in years, with the key signatures committed to contracts and glasses raised across both sides of the Atlantic. It’s official: Air Liquide has acquired Airgas, at a total enterprise value of $13.4bn.

Financial business statistics

Linde divests Chemogas business

23 May 2016 11:43 GMT

The management of Chemogas NV, a leading international provider of packaged chemical gases and related services, and Gilde Equity Management (GEM) Benelux have announced the agreement to acquire the company from The Linde Group.

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Bulk co2 supply chain

Bulk CO2 supply chain – Global trends and challenges Subscription

With today’s global merchant carbon dioxide (CO2) market estimated to be over 20 million tonnes of annual consumption, the US still leads the way, with estimated usage over 40% of this grand total. But there are changes in the market make-up and, here, Sam A. Rushing provides insight into the trends and challenges in the global bulk CO2 supply chain.

Solar panel,photovoltaics

Solar cells – Bright potential for the gases industry? Subscription

When Linde announced in mid-March that it had been awarded multiple gas and chemical supply contracts for a number of world leading photovoltaic (PV) cell manufacturer’s first plants in South East Asia, it threw fresh spotlight on the potential that this market affords. Here this month gasworld explores just what potential may lie in wait.

Michael blondin - Magazine September 2015

Upheaval of the US cryogenic tank and trailer landscape Subscription

On my way back from the GAWDA conference last week in Savannah, Georgia, I couldn’t help but think about how much the cryogenic tank and trailer industry in the US has been transformed in only a few short years. It’s barely recognisable from what it was only even a year or two ago.

Compliance, Hand using touchscreen with financial data analysis and graphs

Air Liquide and ITER: The largest cryogenics plant Subscription

Mastering fusion on Earth would pave the way for unlimited energy resources, such is the magnitude of its development. Controlled fusion is in fact one of the most promising paths to carbon-free energy – and precisely what the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) project seeks to do.

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surface mount fill box

Chart Helps Customers Meet New Beverage Systems Standards Subscription

Chart highlights current regulations covering the installation on beverage bulk CO2 tanks for fountain drinks and other beverage uses.

linde mgcu co2

CO2 Scrubbing Technology for Early Flowback Gas Subscription

A special report from Linde describes use of CO2 to increase hydrocarbon recovery in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) processes.

beverages drink fizz bottles

Food Safety Update Subscription

Bob Yeoman of B&R Compliance updates on the latest revisions to the Food Safety Modernization Act for 2016 and 2017, including who must comply, when, and how.

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photo courtesy of spacex

Growth Market for Gases in Manufacturing Subscription

Examining hot-button trends and the latest developments in the world of specialty gases in fabrication, whether it’s design and 3D printing or cylinder distribution.

laser cutting

Gas Opportunities in Welding, Cutting, and Metal Fabrication Subscription

Ray Borzio discusses gas applications related to the welding, cutting, and metal fabrication processes.

automation and software control

Automation Spurs Business Expansion into Rewarding New Markets Subscription

A Special Report from Weldcoa on Weiler Welding looks at the Dayton, Ohio-based distributorship’s growth since its launch in 1920.

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Wall street, North America market

Regional markets: Focus on North America

By Rob Cockerill, published in gasworld magazine

With news of Air Liquide’s proposed acquisition of Airgas, Inc., not only is the industry on the verge of a potentially seismic shift in its structure, there is also a renewed attention on the world’s largest industrial gases market. Here, gasworld explores the North American gases market in 2015/16.


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Toby Peters, Dearman

Cold – The new hot topic Subscription

30 Apr 2015

Cold has long been the Cinderella of the energy debate, but that might just be changing. Toby Peters, Senior Group Managing Director of Dearman, argues that the challenge is now to turn growing awareness into action and that the international gas industry has an opportunity to play a leading role in the emerging clean cold industry.


cryogas magazine

US Industrial Gas Market Report 2014 Subscription

1 Aug 2015

The recovery of the industrial gas business from 2012 through 2014 was strong, about six percent per year, driven by price and volume. The bright spots in the economy during this period included the manufacturing sector, a significant driver for the industrial gas industry.

Specialty Gas Report

Going from strength to strength

Specialty Gases – Going from Strength to Strength Subscription

3 Aug 2015

The specialty gases business of 2015 continues to go from strength to strength, both in its make-up and its growth potential. Several pillars of growth increasingly drive specialty gas demand, while innovations in production processes, engineering, equipment, and distribution have transformed the specialty gas business throughout the decades.

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