Saturday, 19 April 2014

Laser cutting welding

Air Products receives laser industry awards

Air Products has recently won the 2014 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards for the Laser Industry in China, for its specialist BIP® purification technology.

Air Products hydrogen pipeline

Hydrogen off-gas processing agreement expanded

Set to complement its Gulf Coast pipeline supply, Air Products has announced a long-term agreement with Enterprise Products Operating LLC to expand the hydrogen supply relationship between the two companies.

Carbon dioxide CO2 green

SCCS resource puts CCS on the map

Independent research partnership SCCS has relaunched a key resource for anyone with an interest in carbon capture and storage (CCS), in the shape of its Global CCS Map.

North America US from space

‘Evident need’ to fast-track LNG export plants

While fracking technology has placed the US as the world’s largest natural gas producer, the lack of approved LNG export terminals has prevented energy companies from competing in the growing global LNG market, says an analyst with GlobalData.

light bulb green gasworld idea

Low carbon energy projects to benefit from funding

Innovative renewable energy demonstration projects and carbon capture schemes across Europe are set to benefit from more than €2bn raised by sales of 300 million emission allowances.

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Cryomech issues gas liquefier patent

On the 18th of March 2014 Cryomech Inc and Dr. Chao Wang were issued United States Patent no. 8,671,698 for the Gas liquefier invented by Dr. Chao Wang.

Helium image newsletter

First helium test complete in Siberian field

The first Grasys industrial membrane plant in Russia for helium recovery from natural gas has been successfully tested at the Kovykta gas and condensate field.

Global helium map

Helium – The market in 2014 Subscription

Last year all the talk was of the impending Helium Cliff scenario and as 2013 began, it was clear that it would be a significant year for the global helium business. So where does the market stand as we enter 2014? gasworld takes a tour of the market region by region…

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Euro coins finance statistics

Huge growth in Q1 for McPhy Energy

16 Apr 2014

Preparing for the acceleration of its development strategy, McPhy Energy recorded impressively strong growth in its first quarter 2014 sales of €774,000, up 50% year-on-year.

Chinese currency

Double-digit increase for CIMC ENRIC

3 Apr 2014

CIMC Enric Holdings Limited (CIMC ENRIC) recently announced its audited annual results for the year ended 31st December 2013 and has seen turnover rise 23.5% over full year 2012.

Euro finance pen currency

SOL directors approve “positive” results

31 Mar 2014

Stability in Italy but positive sales abroad for SOL which witnessed the technical gases division experiencing a slight decline in sales but homecare profits increased.

Merger agreement deal

Luxfer acquires Vexxel Composites

25 Mar 2014

Luxfer Group has announced that it has acquired Vexxel Composites, a manufacturer of high-pressure composite cylinders for containment of compressed natural gas (CNG). The company will operate as part of the group’s global Luxfer Gas Cylinders Division.

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Developments made with cryo-units

Cryofridge, a Frappa group brand, has taken a pioneering step in the onboard refrigeration market by entrusting Crouzet Automation with the control of its indirect nitrogen cryo-units.


Cryomech issues gas liquefier patent

On the 18th of March 2014 Cryomech Inc and Dr. Chao Wang were issued United States Patent no. 8,671,698 for the Gas liquefier invented by Dr. Chao Wang.


WITT valves’ new technology

For the first time, the German manufacturer is supplying a retrofit module for dome-loaded pressure regulators (dome pressure reducers), thus allowing the operating pressure to be controlled remotely.

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Industrial gases and carbon compliance: Emissions and efficiency in focus Subscription

2 Apr 2014

Rob Cockerill learns more about carbon reporting schemes, energy efficiency, and why the clock is beginning to tick on carbon compliance in various regions of the global gases industry.

Barcode cylinder tracking

Hot topic – Tracking the cylinder saviours Subscription

2 Apr 2014

As Japan continues to develop the usage of EPC/RFID tagging for high pressure gas cylinders, gasworld asks - could this be a standard adopted globally to save theindustry time and money in the tracking of product ‘lost’ in the supply chain?

Biofuel green field

Biogas is blooming Subscription

2 Apr 2014

A trend towards higher natural gas prices, coupled with the demand for renewable energy, is creating strong demand for the equipment to upgrade raw biogas to purified biomethane, as gasworld discovers.

CO2 Technology Centre, Mongstad

Why we need CCS to secure future renewables... Subscription

2 Apr 2014

The inherent intermittency of renewable energy means that for technologies such as wind, solar and wave to be adopted at scale, they must (ironically) be supported by flexible fossil fuel power, at least in the medium-term, to cope with demand.

Isle of Grain, Kent, Highview Power Storage

Liquid air: The potential explained Subscription

2 Apr 2014

LNG is not the only growing energy sector affording synergies with the industrial gases business. gasworld explores the fundamentals behind liquid air and how this could drive revenues for the gases industry.

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Regional Markets

Airgas truck

Five times winners for Airgas

The company has been recognised for the fifth consecutive year with two CGA Fleet Safety awards for cylinder and bulk vehicles.

Air Products' PRISM Hydrogen generation

Major order for PRISM® system

Air Products AS in Kristiansand, Norway recently received its single largest order of PRISM® nitrogen systems for shipboard applications in the last 30 years.


MOCON donates to study

MOCON, Inc, the world’s leading manufacturer of permeation instrumentation, is announcing its support of the Food Packaging Group, School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork (UCC), Cork, Ireland.

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gasworld conferences

CryoGas North American Industrial Gas Conference 2014

Chicago 2014

CryoGas North American Industrial Gas Conference, Chicago June 11-13, 2014


Singapore 2014

South East Asia Industrial Gas Conference, Singapore November 17-19, 2014

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Liquid air storage plant, Slough

Report highlights liquid air as key to reducing emissions

A new report from the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) has highlighted the potential of liquid air to help the road transport industry reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases.

Carbon dioxide CO2 green

Call to quicken Zero Carbon Britain

A leaked draft of the latest IPCC report from Working Group III, being discussed this week in Berlin, calls for radical emissions reductions globally which will require “large-scale transformations in human societies.”

Olivier Blachier

Gas supply solutions for the next generation in electronics Subscription

29 Aug 2012 | By Olivier Blachier

The electronics industry has over the years become a $300+bn industry covering various classes of technologies, characterised by the rapid introduction of new high-tech end-products that swiftly become commodity products, from a consumer perspective.

Barry Jones

Cooperation is key to CCS Subscription

21 Mar 2012 | By Barry Jones

The successful and widespread deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) is an important part of the world’s clean energy future. While renewable energy sources are often prominent in clean energy conversations, the critical role of CCS is often overlooked and must be emphasised.

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