Regional Markets

  • golden gate bridge

    The US West Coast report

    1 February 2017By James Barr

    Incorporating Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Alaska and Hawaii. By James Barr.

  • Russian currency

    Regional markets – Focus on Eastern Europe

    1 February 2017By , published in gasworld magazine

    Last month gasworld explored the gas industries of Western Europe, where economic uncertainty prevails in the midst of a number of largely political dynamics. Here we turn to Eastern Europe, where a similar outlook exists, albeit for different, geo-political reasons.

  • currency finance euro copyright marian weyo

    Regional markets – Focus on Western Europe

    4 January 2017By , published in gasworld magazine

    Undoubtedly one of the biggest stories in Europe in 2016 was the ‘Brexit’, as Britain voted in a referendum to leave the European Union (EU) and speculation swirled as to whether that could cause a ripple effect throughout a number of the 27 remaining countries in the union.


  • Art Waskey

    Breaking the cord

    1 February 2017By Art Waskey

    One of our best customers purchased equipment from a competitive on-line supplier, then called us for training. It shouldn’t surprise you when customers hire Millennials (born between 1980 and 1994) and start buying products on-line. This current buying transition is referred to as “breaking the cord.”

  • Dr Paul Stockman, Linde Electronics

    Nitrous oxide – Not a laughing matter in electronics manufacture

    1 February 2017By Dr. Paul Stockman, published in gasworld magazine

    Nitrous oxide (N2O), often referred to as laughing gas, is used in the high-tech thin film industries of semiconductor and LCD display manufacturing. Where the electronics manufacturing market is concerned, N2O is clearly no laughing matter.

  • rob cockerill

    CO2: From a cool subject to a hot topic

    31 January 2017By

    With this coming together of Pentair and Union Engineering, we’re reflecting on not just another consolidation in the global gases business, but a union that exemplifies the shift in the carbon dioxide (CO2) market in recent years – from a cryogenically cool subject to an increasingly hot topic.