Demonstrating its commitment to a safe and reliable LNG supply chain, Cryostar has announced the launch of its new two-stage LNG submerged centrifugal pump for liquid transfer, LNG stations and micro-bulk delivery.

Named the SUBTRAN, the main advantage of the new pump is that it can be easily installed in all existing piping systems for semi-trailer or stationary use, without modification of the installation.

A robust design prevents high vibrations giving an extended bearing lifetime, according to Cryostar, while it is also hermetically encapsulated – ensuring no shaft seal is required.

As a leading cryogenic pump and equipment manufacturer, Cryostar specialises in search equipment solutions and notes that the new pump’s motor bearings are lubricated by the process fluid itself, resulting in a ‘zero-maintenance’ design. In addition, the cooling of the electrical motor is done by the pumped liquid which increases considerably its lifetime.