Processing plants are equipped with protective safety relief valves and/or bursting discs, and REMBE® GmbH reveals that it has developed the innovative KUB®-V-Series generation of bursting discs.

A safety relief valve with an upstream bursting disc has proved to be an excellent combination, the company notes, with these so-called Safety Integrated Systems (SIS) preventing hazardous substances from escaping or damage to the system from occurring in the event of a malfunction.

For the first time, the wishes of plant operators can be fully fulfilled with the launch of the unique BTKUB®-V-Series of bursting discs.

Based on more than 35 years of experience in bursting discs, REMBE® GmbH SAFETY + CONTROL has developed this unique and innovative generation of bursting discs, ensuring it is possible to perform the Partial Stroke Test (PST) on safety relief valves (PSV) directly in running operation conditions, such as in-situ, for the first time.

The concept is described by REMBE as ‘both ingenious and convincing’. The KUB®-V-Series bursting disc is installed upstream of the safety relief valve and apart from the absolute sealing tightness of the process line, the safety relief valve is now also protected against the effects of corrosion and contamination.

Increased environmental requirements on the tightness of process systems that cannot be fulfilled by safety relief valves alone, can now be met too.