Dominion Gas is hungry for success and boasts an appetite to match the expected year-on-year growth of the oil and gas industry, according to the company’s CEO George Yule.

gasworld understands that investment in the Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America regions can be expected over the coming months and years, as the company continues with its ‘aggressive business objectives’.

In October, Dominion Gas announced its latest business development plans with re-structuring at senior management level and an expansion of business operations declared.

Yule had noted back then how Dominion Gas is, “..well placed to deliver a very aggressive set of business objectives both in the UK and internationally over the next few years.”

Now speaking exclusively to gasworld, Yule reveals the appetite for advancement from Scotland’s Aberdeen-based gases company.

“Without question we remain hungry for success across all parts of our business and have the appetite and resource for further M&A projects. We’re on course to be much more than a trade cylinder gas supplier.”

We understand that Dominion intends to set-up a number of new gas filling plants internationally during 2009 as part of its objectives, while Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America are cited as the key areas for delivering such goals.

Developments are also intended much closer to home as the company plans to ‘reconfigure’ its headquarters in Aberdeen, among a number of other scheduled targets.

“Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America are areas for investment and we will also expand our range of products and services – also look out for us developing our in-house gas-technician ‘academy’ in Aberdeen,” Yule explains.

And what of the credit crunch currently constricting business operations around the world?

gasworld asks if this is really conducive to such ‘aggressive’ targets. While Dominion expects growth limitations as a result of the financial climate, Yule also indicates that steady, sustained growth is anticipated across the oil and gas sector.

He concludes, “It’s our opinion that the macro oil and gas industry is very well placed to sustain year-on-year growth over the next 5-7 years – however there will be limitations on the rate of growth in specific sectors because it’ll be more difficult to raise investment capital due to the world financial climate.”