The GOV.UK’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, reports that the Energy and Clean Growth Minister, Claire Perry, has delivered a £20m boost to businesses embracing the potential for a future UK hydrogen (H2) economy.

The announcement was made today (11th May 2018) during a visit to Swindon’s innovative Hydrogen Hub and Recycling Technologies.

H2 fuel is a safe and low-carbon alternative for energy in buildings, industry, and transport but is currently very costly to produce and transport. Today’s funding announcement aims to change this.

H2 is the latest clean technology to receive a government boost as part of the Clean Growth Strategy – a scheme which is already powering wind turbines up and down the country and has the potential to revolutionise the automotive industry through clean green fuel.

Perry, who will speak at the Swindon Hydrogen Hub, believes that clean, green and safe, H2 has an exciting role to play powering the UK, but needs to be cheaper and more widely available to live up to its potential. She is confident that today’s £20m funding boost, part of the modern Industrial Strategy, will help to address these challenges so that the exciting momentum building in the low carbon H2 economy is sustained and that high-value jobs are created up and down the country.

“Clean Growth is at the heart of our modern Industrial Strategy and creates huge opportunities for the UK, securing our place as global leaders in this field,” she enthused.

The minister will meet with Hydrogen Hub members to discuss the UK’s strength in H2 and fuel cell technology development, and the potential for the UK to be at the forefront of a new H2 economy.

The £20m Hydrogen Supply programme will look to significantly reduce the high cost of producing large volumes of low carbon H2, so that the technology can become a competitive, clean energy supply of the future.

During her visit to Swindon, the minister will also meet CEO of Recycling Technologies, Adrian Griffiths, to see how government support through the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund has enabled this dynamic start-up to develop a system to recycle mixed plastics waste back into a valuable hydrocarbon.

Recycling Technologies are helping in the fight against marine plastic by providing a chemical recycling solution that allows a wide range of plastics to be recycled, which are not practicably recyclable with existing processes. The Minister will also host an energy roundtable with key stakeholders from the region to find out more about the role of low carbon energy technologies in Swindon and Wiltshire’s local economy.