Independent packaged gas manufacturer and distributor, Butler Gas Products, recently introduced a new trailer to expand its supply capabilities.

With its newest packaged gas asset, a 2016 Westmor 5,400 gallon CO2 transport, Butler Gas Products can now source and pickup product from multiple supply partner sites.

The company made the investment to better secure beverage grade CO2 supply and to serve its customers. Butler Gas Products now directly serves liquid and gaseous bulk CO2 applications, filling tank sizes 2 tonnes and larger.

Looking back

When Butler Gas Products was founded in Pittsburgh in 1948 by Jack and Millie Butler, the company was a classic distributor of gases and welding supplies. The steel industry was strong in Pittsburgh and Butler Gas Products focused mainly on hard-goods and industrial gases.

In the early 1980’s Butler Gas Products was in its second generation of family-ownership and began its model of integrating back into manufacturing with the expansion of acetylene production. Steel was declining in Pittsburgh and overnight the company lost a majority of its business to top customer US Steel who consolidated suppliers.

“As Pittsburgh changed, we had to change,” shares President and CEO Jack Butler, son of founders Jack and Millie.

“When our welding supply business weakened we diversified into strengthening our gas manufacturing capabilities,” Butler continued.

Replacing heavy industry in Pittsburgh came the educational and medical arenas. Butler Gas Products began significant investments in specialty gas production and later in bulk gas supply.

Now in its third generation of family-ownership, the company has expanded into a full-service gas manufacturer and distributor, serving industrial, specialty, and medical markets in western Pennsylvania, and wholesaling packaged gases throughout the region.

Looking forward

Butler Gas Products aims to excel as the region’s independent packaged gas supplier of choice, driving sustainable customer growth and relationships, exceeding the company’s 100 Year Plan.

Butler Gas Products was unable to divulge specific information on future growth plans for confidentiality reasons, however plans of this nature were implied.

(L-R) Jack Buter (President and CEO), Abydee Butler Moore (Executive Vice President).

(L-R) Jack Buter (President and CEO), Abydee Butler Moore (Executive Vice President).