On the 20th September, the 8th Cryogenic Cluster Day (CCD8-2017) took place in Daresbury Laboratory, UK.

The event followed the pattern of previous years, comprising of seminar session, table-top trade show, posters and lab visits. Supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) with a contribution from exhibitors.

Over twenty firms attended the event including Dearman Engine, Molecular Products, Kelvin, Cryogenic, Matrix Magnets, Polar, Scientific Magnetics, AVS, Statebourne, Carlton, Tamo, ASG, RUAG, Biomethane, IDT, Blackhall, Agilent, Springer and Stratox.

Professor Susan Smith, Head of the Laboratory and Director of The Accelerator Science and Technology Centre (ASTeC) opened the event, with the first presentation from Peter McIntosh, Technical Director of ASTeC. His review of Daresbury’s contribution to superconducting accelerators revealed an ‘awesome’ capability and perhaps the need for UK industry to play a bigger part.

The notion of the ‘Northern Cryogenics Powerhouse’ began to take hold with two subsequent talks from speakers from Lancaster and Manchester Universities. Professor Richard Haley at Lancaster works at temperatures as low as 1 mK, mentioning concepts like a ‘superfluid speed limit’.

Andrew May from Manchester, discussed applications in astronomy and gave a brief review of the History of the Universe.

Between Harley and May there was a ‘well-illustrated’ talk by Ofelia Capatina from the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), featuring CERN’s collaboration with STFC-Daresbury on Cryomodule Development.

After a networking lunch, a series of Lab Visits took delegates on a guided tour of the SuRF Lab, the Cryolab and the Vacuum Lab.