Following the recent news of a major car manufacturer being discovered to have been misreporting emission levels in the cars it makes, Edwards has reaffirmed that all its exhaust management systems meet industry standards.

Edwards Ltd, and its subsidiaries (Edwards), are the leading supplier of exhaust management abatement systems to the semiconductor, flat panel display, solar and LED industry.

“Environmental responsibility is one of our top priorities at Edwards,” states Paul Rawlings, Vice President Marketing, Semiconductor & DSL Business Unit.

“We take great pride in adhering to high standards in our worldwide manufacturing facilities, as well as in all the products that we make. All of our exhaust management abatement systems have been independently verified in use according to internationally recognised methods and standards, including those set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and other national and international regulatory bodies.”

Rawlings adds, “The recent news and controversy about a German car company apparently deliberately designing its products to evade emissions tests is very surprising and serves as a reminder of the need to always verify testing methodologies when reviewing performance data.”

“As a global leader in the design and manufacture of exhaust management abatement systems for the electronics industry we want to reassure our customers that all of our abatement products comply with internationally recognised standards and that protecting the environment from harmful gasses is a responsibility we all share – across all industries, and across all borders.”