IGD launches its new advanced 2-Wire gas detection technology. Devices are networked using 2 core cable offering major benefits to specifiers, installers and end users.

2 wire system diagram

Puts control where you need it without the extra install cost

2-Wire technology using IGD’s Sentinel+ protocol is the next step forward in gas detection. Developed by IGD and building on 100 years in gas detection, these new 2-Wire systems are fast to install, flexible to specify and offer benefits to the end user. All controllers have reporting capabilities to aid site safety management. IGD’s new Android apps make data gathering simple and speeds up servicing. Sentinel+ is a smart system protocol, continually monitoring not just gas levels but also system performance.

2 wire capability graphic

These systems offer major benefits to specifiers. When specifying detectors, you are automatically specifying i/o capability. This means you are never under specified. Need another output for an audible visual alarm? Just connect it to the nearest detector. Need an output for a gas valve? Just connect to the nearest detector. Need to add a slam switch or break glass? Just connect to the nearest detector. Want to see what is going on inside a lab? Use an annunciator to display gas levels. Need to monitor for high roof spaces? Use a 2-Wire sampler module and tube up to the roof space. Gas detection made simple.

These systems offer major benefits to installers. All devices connect using 2 Core cable. The two core cable has no polarity requirement. This make installs faster, cheaper and with far less chance of cable errors. If installation requirements change then its easy to use the detector nodes I/O capability to add extra beacon sounders, signs, gas valve interfaces and controls.

‘Visually stunning app presents information in an easily understood format’

These systems offer major benefits to end users. With built in reporting capabilities you don’t need a service engineer to tell you it’s all working correctly, sensor check reports do that for you. How do you know what’s been happening when, our built in event logs automate your site safety log. With blue tooth interfaces, use specific apps to download event logs, sensor check etc without having to interact with the panel interface, simple and efficient. leverage information from your investment.

2 wire app + tablet image v2

With benefits through all stages of the system life cycle these new gas detection systems from IGD are detectably better.

IGD 2-Wire Gas Detection System