Leybold will display its fast and precise modern vacuum solutions for optical coatings at the Optatec in Frankfurt, from the 15th-17th May, 2018.

Optatec provides an international showcase for advanced technologies targeting on development and production, as well as industrial use of optical components, opto-mechanics, opto-electronics, fibre-optics, laser components and manufacturing systems. Many of these applications require a reliable, clean fore vacuum and a fast, stable high vacuum.

The modern vacuum solutions of Leybold are used in this wide array of technological applications. As vacuum systems are a core component of the manufacturing process, they require intelligent maintenance strategies. Based on the monitoring solution, Leybold provides its customers with customised service level agreements (SLA), and guarantees the availability of service experts and warrants fast response times. The condition-based, predictive maintenance strategies offer a maximum plant availability and minimises unplanned costly production downtimes.

In optical coating processes, vibration monitoring systems for the installed pumps offer enormous potential. Increased wear on the pump is detected as well as influencing process conditions, such as deposit formation or particle entry. Maintenance measures can be initiated when the state of the pump actually requires intervention. Run times are maximised and maintenance staff can be deployed more efficiently. With regard to failure costs, preventive maintenance provides a high return on investment (ROI) and additionally supports a continuous improvement process for the entire maintenance management as well as for production.

In most cases, companies may not even need any additional installation of an expensive sensor. Thomas Zscheile, Vacuum Technique Service at Leybold, explains, “In a first step, we use the data that our pumps produce anyway. However, additional sensors can be used to increase the predictability in more complex tasks.”

Leybold explains that it is not only condition-based or even remote monitoring which optimises after sales. Fast and effective service done by highly trained service technician and the worldwide availability of original spare parts or kits, augmented by features like back-up pools or consignment management guarantee a customer specific service approach.

Services such as in-house decontamination, electrical testing (ELSI), leak detection of installed systems and consulting at the customer’s site are also within the scope of Leybold’s offering.

With the extensive customer service in Germany and Europe, the interaction of on-site service, transport logistics with collection and delivery service, as well as repair and overhaul in the Service Competence Centre Dresden Leybold offers the customers a broad portfolio of services.

“Our customers want one thing: system availability! The quality of our products, such as the DRYVAC, ECODRY, TURBOVAC pumps, paired with additional service options and the expertise of our staff enable us to help our customers very fast and thus reduces their operational cost and downtime,” says Zscheile. “An optimised, planned service concept lets customers concentrate on their main business. This is certainly a very effective way to increase ROI, especially when running batch manufacturing.”