The Linde Group has announced the launch of its new CRYOLINE® range of cryogenic freezers, which will maximise hygiene in food processing.

Leading edge design features and innovative functionality of the new freezers will enable food processing manufacturers to dramatically and conveniently minimise hygiene risks in food freezing, as well as providing a constant source of reliable, real-time data on freezer operating performance to help mitigate food processing issues.

Additionally, pioneering gas impingement technology and individual quick frozen (IQF) handling will allow for significantly greater product yield within the same plant footprint, improving space utilisation.

The CRYOLINE® freezer range is built on a common state-of-the-art design platform, with hygiene at its heart.

All internal surfaces within each unit are made from polyethylene or stainless steel and are sloped to prevent adherence of the food being processed.

Freezer frames are also made of tubular stainless steel, which provides greater resistance to food adherence over more conventional flat surface designs.

Running rails for the product belt, on which the food is carried through the freezer are made from polyethylene and are easily removable for cleaning.

Additionally, as the freezer units are modular, in order to meet tailored requirements of processors, the joints in between units are fully welded, versus the more traditional bolted joint design, which can capture food particles and increase food processing hygiene risk.

As added re-assurance for manufacturers, CRYOLINE® freezers allow for complete traceability of the food cryogen process via an accurate data logging system, which provides critical information on freezer performance under varying conditions. This assists food processors in assessing and segregating potential issues and helps problem prevention.

In addition to hygiene and traceability improvements, the CRYOLINE® freezer range – including impingement, immersion and patented vibratory IQF models - can deliver significantly greater product yield.

In particular, the impingement freezer model comprises of an innovative design feature which shoots high velocity gas onto the food product via hundreds of perforations in overhead stainless steel plates. This not only causes the food product to be cryogenically frozen within seconds - versus the fan blade method, which can take several minutes – but also provides 100% cryogenic coverage of the product, generating overall increased yield.

“Linde has always played a pioneering role in gas technology within the food processing market,” said Steve McCormick, Head of Food and Beverage at Linde.

“We have now built the new CRYOLINE® range of cryogenic freezers with optimum hygiene in mind from the ground up.”