Linde’s solvent-free CRYOCLEAN® Snow cleaning device offers producers of plastic parts both operating and environmental advantages over solvent-based and aqueous systems.

Balancing efficiency with environmental protection, the fully automated CRYOCLEAN Snow system reduces energy usage and costs compared with water and solvent based cleaning systems. Linde highlighted the CRYOCLEAN Snow system at NPE 2018 held on the 7th-11th May in Orlando, Florida.

The patented system uses a stream of carbon dioxide (CO2) dry ice particles to remove residues from plastic parts prior to painting. Combined with compressed air and ejected from a proprietary high-pressure nozzle, the dry ice stream blasts dirt and surface residues from parts such as automotive bumpers and polycarbonate headlamp lenses.

“Our automated CRYOCLEAN Snow system can be integrated into the production line for maximum productivity,” said Ed Smith, Linde Plastics Applications Specialist. “It shortens the cleaning cycle time, streamlines the process and has a smaller footprint than water cleaning methods. Treated parts are dry because the CRYOCLEAN Snow system doesn’t use water.”

Cutting costs, streamlining production

The CRYOCLEAN Snow cleaning system lowers producers’ initial investment and operating costs by reducing water and energy usage. Unlike other CO2 cleaning processes, the CRYOCLEAN technology avoids handling issues associated with dry ice pellets and requires little maintenance.

CO2 is inert, so there are no ozone-depleting solvents and no potential for oxidising metal as with aqueous-based cleaning systems. Because the CO2 snow sublimates directly after use, there are no cleaning agent residues.

The CRYOCLEAN Snow system has been proven in a variety of industrial cleaning applications, including pre-treating plastic surfaces prior to painting and cleaning injection moulds for plastic parts.

Linde provides supply solutions for CRYOCLEAN installations ranging from gas supply and storage systems through supply lines and pressure/temperature control systems. The supply system, based on the Linde PRESUS® C pressure boosting system for liquid CO2, is designed to meet the exacting pressure and temperature control needs of snow blasting.