CO2Meter, Inc. has released the new SAN-10 personal 5% carbon dioxide monitor to meet OSHA Confined Space Regulation for business who use or store carbon dioxide (CO2).

SAN-10 personal 5% carbon dioxide monitor

SAN-10 personal 5% carbon dioxide monitor

CO2 in high concentrations can cause serious injuries and even kill a human. By focusing on employee safety, this monitor measures exposure to CO2 in real time and alarms if high CO2 levels are detected or exceeded. The monitor insures compliance with OSHA Confined Space Regulations that require the monitoring of a person inside a space where a known hazardous gas may be present. Recent CO2 incidents in Chicago and Atlanta demonstrate the importance for personal safety monitoring.

Using input from the compressed gas industry, draft beer community, brewers, and growers, CO2Meter was able to design a device that exceeds industry standards and our customers’ expectations for a compact design that doesn’t restrict employee mobility.

“When we created this new design, we were mindful of the CO2 incidents that are occurring in breweries, grow operations, gas delivery, and especially to draft technicians in walk-in coolers. Our customers asked for durable, loud, and fast acting monitors to keep them safe, but it couldn’t interfere with daily activities. They tell us this new monitor does precisely that,” said Ray Hicks, President of CO2Meter.

The SAN-10 Personal 5% CO2Monitor measures CO2 levels from 0 ppm through 50,000 ppm taking measurements 30 times per minute. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasting more than 12 hours the new SAN-10 is perfect for daily use.

In addition, the device can be configured to sound an alarm at preferred levels including the common OSHA standards of 5,000ppm time-weighted average, 1.5%, and 3.0% CO2. The monitor includes an 80 db audible alarm, flashing strobe, a vibration feature, and a new “man down” alarm.

“We are delighted to take our experience and expertise and apply it to keep our customers safe. We already know the design is a success because we’ve had field testing partners tell us its already saved their lives. That’s how I know our team has created a great device,” added Hicks.