Pfeiffer Vacuum, one of the world’s leading producers of vacuum products and services, offers the light weight and portable ASM 310 leak detector for maintenance of power plants and industrial facilities.

The ASM 310 is the lightest (just 46lbs.), smallest footprint (133in2), fully configured mass spectrometer for use as a helium or hydrogen leak detector on the market today. The unit detects leaks in both vacuum and sniffing modes.

Featuring high sensitivity in both vacuum (5.10-12 mbar l/s) and sniffing (1.10-7mbar.l/s), the ASM 310 is designed for a wide range of applications where small size, portability and ease-of-use are needed.

An oil-free pumping system makes the ASM 310 from Pfeiffer Vacuum is well suited for leak detection of equipment which will not tolerate any contamination. The ASM 310 can be operated in any position, while a cart with two wheels and a retractable handle make it easy to maneuver the detector to remote locations. A built-in leak is used for startup calibration.

The ASM 310 is equipped with a detachable color control panel. The menu navigation is user-friendly and easy-to-operate. An integrated SD memory card records data, system configurations and operating parameters. Information can be downloaded or transferred to other devices for analysis. An optional wireless remote control enables operation from a distance of up to 100 meters (300’) by one person.

The ASM 310 is available with accessories such as helium and hydrogen filtered sniffer probes to permit location of leaks at atmospheric pressure. Suspect areas for leaks can be sprayed with an optional Test Gas Spray Probe. A Pelican transport case makes it easy to ship down the street or around the world. Universal voltage compatibility allows use everywhere the ASM 310 is needed.