Servomex’s Americas’ customers will benefit from improved training and service in 2011, with a facilities upgrade at the company’s American Business Centre in Sugar Land, Texas.

New classroom facilities have been opened in response to increased demand for training, especially relating to the wide-ranging operational capabilities of best-selling new products including the SERVOTOUGH Laser cross-stack monitor, SERVOPRO MultiExact multigas analyser and award-winning SERVOTOUGH Oxy oxygen analyser.

While many customers already receive basic training on-site, the new facilities ensure users experience complete, in-depth schooling on all aspects of Servomex’s products.

“We find our customers don’t just want to know the basics about how their analysers operate – they literally want to know them inside and out,” says Randy Stockfleth, Service Manager, Servomex Americas.

“Our new training facilities offer a comprehensive examination of all Servomex analysers, delivered in a professional classroom environment where customers can get full ‘hands-on’ training with our products.”

The training room is stocked with a full range of Servomex analysers, including training units that can be disassembled so customers can view and understand the technologies inside. Operational analysers are also available which are used for sales training for Servomex’s distributor network.

Servomex’s laboratory has also received a major overhaul with the installation of new testing equipment which improves the service team’s ability to service and repair analysers in-house. Among the on-site improvements is the installation of a dedicated testing fixture for the SERVOPRO Chroma (K4000) and SERVOPRO Plasma (k2001) analysers and a new repair area for the SERVOTOUGH Laser cross-stack monitor.

The introduction of dedicated repair facilities for the SERVOTOUGH Laser enables the majority of repairs and service requirements can to be made on-site in Sugar Land, meaning customers will benefit from improved turnaround times and greatly reduced downtime for processes where the Laser’s TDLS technology is in use.

“Our new lab facilities give us even greater capability and efficiency in how we offer service and repairs to our customers,” says Stockfleth.

“With a service team that’s ready and waiting, we are confident that at least 98% of analyser repairs requiring factory attention can now be accomplished at the Americas Business Centre.”