Sunfire’s reversible electrolysis (RSOC) is the first solution to combine electrolysis and fuel cell functionality in a single industrial-scale system, to produce renewable hydrogen (H2).

RSOC is a means of producing H2 using energy generated with the aid of photovoltaic arrays or wind turbines. The resultant H2 can be stored in a highly compressed form and converted back to electrical power using the RSOC module’s fuel cell mode. Renewable energy is therefore available whenever it is required.

Sunfire is currently installing ROSC technology at a steelworks in Salzgitter, Germany, providing renewable H2 for steel production.

The fact that the RSOC module can be switched between electrolysis and fuel cell mode means that it can be operated cost-effectively around the clock, thus making decentralised H2 production a viable financial option.

Additionally, the flexible system’s ability to act as either an electrical load or a generator of electrical power makes it possible to significantly increase the proportion of renewable energy within the overall energy system.

Founded in 2010, Sunfire GmbH develops and produces high-temperature electrolysis cells (SOECs) and high-temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs).