Take 10 minutes out with Thibaud Guittard, Business Developer at the Gazechim Group, as he talks about the company’s and services and what developments or projects Gazechim is bringing to the market in 2017/18.

Guittard also discusses the future of asset management and the last stamp in his passport.

Thank you for taking 10 minutes out with gasworld. What are we interrupting in your schedule today?

Today we discussed an important internal project regarding safety at our plants. 

thibaud guittard

Source: Gazechim

Could you tell us a little about the company and its services?

Founded in 1937, the Gazechim Group is an independent family-owned group organised into four business units. There are gas and refrigerants units, both with a large filling and distribution network across Europe. Gazechim is also a major player in the distribution of plastics and composite raw materials in Europe. 

Known to be a specialist in filling and distributing liquefied gas since 1937, the Gazechim Group helps customers with all their projects around the world. Historically, we have a strong presence in specialty gases in France, mostly chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and hydrochloric acid. We provide gas to many different markets, such as water treatment, winemaking and aerospace.

The group has succeeded in achieving gradual, lasting growth, while preserving the family’s control and hence its independence. Today, the Gazechim Group operates in 19 countries and employs more than 700 people around the world.

What developments or projects is Gazechim bringing to the market in 2017/18?

We expect to introduce G-MIX, our brand new innovation developed in partnership with API manufacturers (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient).

G-MIX is an innovative technology specifically developed for the pharmaceutical industry. We create specialised gas mixtures tailored to the needs of each API plant. This niche innovation also requires advanced expertise in international logistics, which we have. We have already worked on a mixture with ammonia and hydrochloric acid. But the potential of such technology is unlimited. This step is crucial in terms of safety by minimising the risks  involved in handling industrial gases on API plants.

Since the beginning of the year, we have started developments with three major API manufacturers in Europe using our G-MIX technology. From now, we are the only ones to propose such innovation to API manufacturers.

gazechim group

Source: Gazechim Group

What direction do you see asset management heading in the future?

The ongoing consolidation via mergers and acquisitions reshapes the entire gas market. We also face a disruptive regulation in Europe for refrigerants. In cases like this, we know the real challenges are played out over the long-term.

How will this shape Gazechim’s project/technology developments?

We always look for new growth drivers at Gazechim. For decades, diversification has been part of the plan. In refrigerants and specialty gases, our group made strategic acquisitions in Europe and the Middle East recently. Gazechim will face any changes in the packaged gas industry with both ambition and faith.

What’s the stamp in your passport?

The last place I visited was Japan.

What do you do in your spare time?

Two wheels, four wheels – everything that has an engine.

What’s next for Gazechim?

So many exciting projects are in the pipe including inaugurating our brand new head office for 2019 or getting the company to 3.0 digitisation, amongst other priorities.