Grown out of a family home in Munich, Germany, Bauer Compressors Inc. has experienced a whirlwind of a journey to end up with a US base and over 75 years of experience in manufacturing reliable and durable arrays of high-pressure compressors.

Bauer’s vast experience in the compressor market, coupled with its commitment to produce valuable innovations, has resulted in great development and today the company prides itself in being fully specialised in the markets of high-pressure breathing air products, GSA/military breathing air products, industrial air and gas products, plastics technology, natural gas, and inert gas compression.

The company began its North American journey back in 1976, when it opened its first facility outside of Germany in Norfolk, Virginia, which has since grown from hosting just two employees to over 250 and now stands Bauer’s headquarters.

Here, as gasworld celebrates Christmas and the festivities the surround the big day, we bring to you an exclusive interview with Tony Corletto, Sales Manager of Industrial Air and Gas Products at Bauer Compressors.

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gasworld (GW): What has 2021 been like for Bauer Compressors?

Tony Corletto (TC): Although challenging, 2021 has been a very successful year for Bauer Compressors in both order intake and shipments. Bauer’s diverse product range allows us to focus on a variety of gases and markets, rather than being limited to one or two industries. This flexibility allows the experts at Bauer to focus the appropriate resources to the most pertinent, current applications.

One of our largest challenges has been supply chain management. Even with rising costs and limited material availability, Bauer has been fortunate to retain our supplier relationships despite unprecedented global challenges. We have taken extraordinary measures to procure materials, such as sheet metal, motors, piping, microchips, stainless steel, and electrical components, to reduce production lead times as much as possible.

GW: What project or innovation has Bauer Compressors been working on this year that you are most proud of?

TC: In recent years, Bauer has increased focus to larger-scale systems for various gases and applications. Our product range is capable of pressures as high as 7000 psi, and output capacities as high as 805 cfm, depending on the available supply pressures. We also have a unique line of high-pressure boosters called the GIB Series, which can accept very high inlet pressures (as much as 217 psi) without secondary pressure reduction. These boosters are ideal to pair with both merchant-supplied gas and/or self-generation systems. Speaking of generation, Bauer also offers a complete line of stationary and mobile nitrogen generation systems which can eliminate consumer dependency on purchased nitrogen sources.

Whether for small-volume or large-volume requirements, Bauer has an established solution for most applications and processes. Our state-of-the-art package designs offer a robust array of features, including Bauer Connect™, which is our proprietary remote telemetry and control system with an AI predictive algorithm. Bauer Connect™ allows customers to remotely operate and monitor their Bauer products from any internet-connected device, and also provides customers with push notifications related to important operating parameters.

GW: Does Bauer Compressors have any new product releases planned for 2022?

TC: Bauer has recently developed a model G60V high-pressure helium recovery system. This model includes a compact helium compressor with an integrated gas balloon, ideally suitable for the recovery and compression of small quantities of helium. This system is designed to meet the need of smaller recovery systems used in laboratories, clinics, and medical facilities.

GW: What other plans does the company have for 2022?

TC: In 2022, Bauer intends to remain the industry leader by providing the highest quality systems for the ever-evolving industrial marketplace. This includes a large focus on current and future applications, to ensure that our systems are the best fit for any customer demand.

GW: Finally, as 2021 draws to a close, can you tell us about three highlights from Bauer Compressors from this year?

TC: Bauer’s largest highlight in 2021 has been the ability to maintain product availability, with a consistent production schedule, in the face of all challenges caused by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. The Bauer team will continue to find creative solutions to the strains in resources which are affecting all industrial manufacturers at this time. We have focused our efforts on sourcing locally, to reduce transportation time and allow for more flexibility in our production planning. In addition, we have identified multiple supplier options for many of our components, to mitigate any risk associated with one supplier’s shortages.

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