Founded in 2002, with a goal of providing industrial gas producers a dependable, independent wholesale supply partner, Gas Innovations today stands as a world-wide supplier of high purity hydrocarbons, refrigerant gases and speciality gases.

Based out of the Houston Ship Channel, La Porte, Texas, the company has throughout the years witnessed incredible growth throughout various markets within its sector – and 2021 was by no means different.

Here, in this latest instalment of gasworld’s 12 Day of Content series, we speak to Ashely Madray, President of Gas Innovations to find out more about the company’s year, it’s recent developments and plans for the future.

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gasworld (GW): Thank you for taking the time to talk to use today, Ashely. As 2021 draws to a close, can you tell us about your top three standout moments from the year?

Ashely Madray (AM):

  •  Hydrogen: Having consistent product availability and utilising our large fleet of tube trailers and ancillary equipment, we have been able to assist our customers with multiple hydrogen projects. These successful projects have been domestic and international.
  •  Hydrocarbon solvents/packaged gas: We pride ourselves on the ability to provide the most consistence high purity hydrocarbon cylinder packages on the market today. We have seen tremendous grow in demand for our specialty gas products in the extraction solvents market and expect that to continue with our strategic distributor partners across the US.
  • Cryogenic ethylene: Continued support to North American liquefaction facilities with cryogenic ethane and ethylene refrigerants. 

GW: In your opinion, what’s been the most exciting application or growth driver for industrial gases this year?

AM: We see the green hydrogen, carbon free initiative to be great opportunity for growth in 2022. This is a new product focus that will complement the growth we expect with our traditional/core products.

GW: What have been some of the most recent developments for the company? 

AM: Gas Innovations, La Porte, Texas, continues growth with the addition of investment partner, AEA Investors (AEA). AEA’s Small Business Fund invested in Gas Innovations as part of the formation of industrial packaged gas platform Meritus Gas Partners (Meritus).

GW: What does Gas Innovations have planned for 2022?

AM: Continue growing through our distributor partners, supporting high margin specialty gas opportunities. We also plan to utilise our large fleet of assets and engineering capabilities to ensure consistent supply.

GW: What trends for you expect to see in the industrial gases market next year?

AM: Supply chain and logistic issue have had a major impact on the global gas market in 2021 and we anticipate this to continue into 2022. 

GW: Finally, in the spirit of the time of year and theme of the series, if you could make one Christmas wish for the industrial gases industry, what would it be and why?

AM: Our Christmas wish would be for all to enjoy the holidays with friends and family making up for any lost time due to the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic.