Global cryogenic engineering company INOXCVA is one of India’s most respected and fastest-growing business groups.

Part of the INOX Group, INOXCVA is focused on cryogenic insulation technology equipment and systems.

The company offers state-of-the-art designed mobile and permanent LNG fuelling equipment, LNG bulk storage, LNG gasification equipment and LNG transport trailers.

Since its inception, INOX Group, has consistently expanded its business operations in industrial gases, refrigerants, chemicals, cryogenic engineering, renewable energy and entertainment.

In gasworld’s latest A Christmas Twist: The 12 Days of Content article, Savir Julka, Global Head of Marketing (Industrial Gas) at INOXCVA, summarises INOXCVA’s 2020 highlights, what he thinks has been the most exciting application or growth driver for industrial gases this year and what INOXCVA has planned for 2021.

gasworld (GW): What’s been the most exciting application or growth driver for industrial gases this year?

Savir Julka (SJ): Medical oxygen has been the high in demand this year, sadly due to the pandemic, and posed challenges across the value chain to deliver gases, equipment and set up the installations in time to meet the medical urgencies.

GW: Likewise, what do you think will be the most exciting application or growth driver for industrial gases next year?

SJ: We see healthcare, LNG and hydrogen are going to be the top market drivers in 2021.

AChristmasTwist_Savir Julka-

GW: As 2020 draws to a close, could you tell us about three highlights for INOXCVA from this year?

SJ: Ensuring uninterrupted on-time supply of medical oxygen installations in hospitals and medical facilities, has been the most challenging highlight globally, particularly supporting the government’s efforts.

Besides, we achieved the planned milestones and goals for 2020; LNG fuelling stations, new range of ambient vaporizers and higher payload transport tanks and trailers.

Successful commissioning of 1000m3 tanks supplied to LNG terminal is another valued happy customer!

GW: Where’s the focus for INOXCVA in 2021?

SJ: Cryo-bio will a key focus, to meet the needs of vaccine storage in controlled temperatures. Energy segment will continue to be a focus with LNG trends continuing, and opportunities in hydrogen shaping up.

GW: Finally, in the spirit of the time of year and theme of the series, if you could have one industrial gases related thing for Christmas, what would it be and why?

SJ: This year end is about focusing beyond the achievements of 2020 or setting goals for 2021. Let the Christmas spirit be about safety and survival, about happiness and wellbeing, not about being best IN the world, but being best FOR the world! Wishing everyone great health, and happier times ahead with loved ones.