Nippon Gases Europe, part of Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation, is present in 13 countries, serves more than 150,000 customers and more than 300,000 patients.

It operates more than 150 gas production plants, owns close to 2.7 million cylinders, over 600 trucks, seven carbon dioxide (CO2) terminals and four CO2 ships.

The Nippon Gases Europe team is not just committed to the company, but also to a vision for the European gases market, led by a leader in Eduardo Gil, President of Nippon Gases Europe, that has been firmly entrenched in Europe for his entire career.

Here in gasworld’s latest instalment of our A Christmas Twist: The 12 Days of Content series, Gil shares his thoughts from the 2020 industrial gas year and where Nippon Gases Europe’s focus will be in 2021.

gasworld (GW): What’s been the most exciting application or growth driver for industrial gases this year?

Eduardo Gil (EG): I would not call it exciting, nor an application, nor a growth driver, but most important this year has been the contribution of our industry to help alleviate the tragic consequences of the pandemic. Our employees have been tirelessly working round the clock to continue to provide vital products, needed installations and services to our fellow citizens in need.

GW: Likewise, what do you think will be the most exciting application or growth driver for industrial gases next year?

EG: For next year and for the future, anything that contributes to sustainability, to sustainable development, to meeting the 2030 and 2050 climate objectives is very exciting and definitely a growth driver for our industry, decarbonization, green hydrogen, zero emissions, biofuels, renewability and circular economy.

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GW: As 2020 draws to a close, could you tell us about three highlights for Nippon Gases Europe from this year?

EG: Our work against the pandemic, protecting our employees, our business partners, keeping the business running 100% in order to help the society.

Excellent results in safety showing that our employees, even working under unusual circumstances and many times under pressure, have deeply rooted operational discipline, every employee doing every job and every task, every day, every time in the correct way.

The digital transformation of our company is being accelerated by the current circumstances and both our people and our systems are standing up to the challenge.

GW: Where’s the focus for Nippon Gases Europe in 2021?

EG: Safety, compliance, sustainability, employee excellence, customer focus and financial results, so far nothing new.

Still overcoming the pandemic, which is far from over, and its consequences

A good number of very interesting projects that you will hear more about when the time comes. At this moment I can comment that the closer international collaboration within the companies part of NSHD is resulting in several interesting and innovative projects.

GW: Finally, in the spirit of the time of year and theme of the series, if you could have one industrial gases related thing for Christmas, what would it be and why?

EG: The new NSHD holding and its new Vision and Philosophy came a bit ahead of Christmas, but we are all convinced of the profound positive impact it will have on our Group. In fact, the new philosophy of the group, “Proactive. Innovative. Collaborative. Making life better through gas technology”, reflects very well the spirit with which we face the coming year: Let’s make life better together in 2021!