A third edition conference is to be held with the theme of ‘Augmenting Process Safety Performance through Big Data and Digitalization’, at the DECHEMA House in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from 14th-15th November 2018.

The conference is jointly sponsored by the Centre for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and the European Process Safety Centre (EPSC).

The first two editions of this conference series were held in 2016 and 2017, respectively, and received excellent feedback from all attendees and stakeholders. The organisers are aware that those who have attended these events have felt that Big Data, in relation to Process Safety, is an emerging area that must be kept abreast of as it is an important evolving subject and can deliver exceptional value to the process industries’ key stakeholders.

This event will serve as a common platform that brings together key stakeholders – industry, academia, governmental regulatory agencies and labour organisations – to lead the way in improving industrial process safety and achieving process safety excellence.

The call for abstracts for the conference is now open, please see attached the conference flyer for abstract topics detail. The event’s organisers invite both Process Safety and Big Data practitioners to submit abstracts by 23rd July, 2018, for this important conference.

2018 European conference on Process Safety and Big Data