Plug Power today announced that it has executed a multi-year contract for its ReliOn integrated fuel cell solution and GenFuel hydrogen services to be used with a major North American telecommunications provider.

Under the $20m program, Plug Power will provide ReliOn integrated backup power fuel cell solutions for use in the customer’s wireless network, which supports internal communication needs and provides a public communications network for customers.

Through this contract, Plug Power anticipates supporting as many as 500 new sites utilising the Plug Power ReliOn integrated solution, which includes fuel cell systems and bulk refillable hydrogen storage, DC plant rectifiers and distribution, battery technology and space for radio equipment, in an environmentally-hardened outdoor cabinet.

Plug Power’s hydrogen fuel cell-based backup power system, known as ReliOn, supplements batteries and replaces generators used for backup power applications. The integrated system provides the function of a communications equipment shelter and a highly reliable, clean, cost-effective grid and backup power system for 24/7 operations. The system enables rapid deployment in a space comprising a fraction of the footprint required by previous solutions – and at a lower total cost of ownership.

“At Plug Power, we fully understand the critical nature of communications during power outages,” said Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power. “ReliOn hydrogen fuel cell power, coupled with GenFuel hydrogen services, ensures customers’ systems remain up, even when the grid goes down.”