Luoyang Refinery Company recently revealed that the hydrogen pipeline constructed by Petrochina Pipeline Bureau, running from Jiyuan to Luoyang in Henan province has been operating steadily since its commissioning on 7th September.

The pipeline, with a diameter of 508mm and a distance of 25km, starts at the hydrogen generation station at the Jiyuan Industrial Park and ends at Luoyang Petrochem complex in the Jili district.

The working pressure of the pipeline is 4 MPa, and it is capable of delivering more than 10,000 tonens of hydrogen every year.

The company also noted that due to the mountainous and steep geography along the route of the pipeline, many obstacles have to be overcome, including the need for tunnelling and crossing railway lines and highways.

This marks a milestone achievement in the history of the Pipeline Bureau, with the project being the first ever of its kind for the organisation.