More than 50 helium filled balloons fitted with video cameras will be launched into the sky to capture the solar eclipse as it crosses America on the 21st August.

A team of researchers from Montana State University has partnered with NASA to participate in the ‘Space Grant Ballooning Project’ to achieve the live streaming of the solar eclipse for the first time.

The latex balloons, which are roughly nine feet (2.7 m) tall when filled with helium, will be launched from 50 US locations and transmit the images back to Earth. The balloons will be filled with enough helium to lift them roughly 1,000 feet per minute reaching an altitude of 80,000 feet.

Cassandra Runyon, Director of the South Carolina Space Grant Consortium, said at the test launch, that the balloons will enable viewers to see the variations from coast to coast to see what the eclipse does over landscapes.

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