The China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co Ltd is investing RMB 500m ($71m) to set up a national hydrogen power quality inspection centre in Liangjiang District in Chongqing, local news reported.

The centre will serve as a quality supervisory and inspection centre for the whole country and will promote the development of hydrogen in Chongqing.

A spokesman from the Liangjiang District said, “Setting up the hydrogen quality inspection centre in the Liangjiang district will be helpful to realise the gathering of a hydrogen power industry, provide security for the transition and upgrade the energy, automotive and equipment manufacturing industries. At the same time, it also helps the district to seize a commanding ground for the development of the hydrogen energy industry.”

According to a development plan, more than 150,000 new vehicles are expected to be manufactured each year, rising to 700,000 new vehicles each year by 2025.