A new $84m liquid green hydrogen plant, capable of producing 15 tonnes of the clean fuel daily, is under development in Camden County, Georgia.

New York-based Plug Power on Tuesday (12th August) broke ground on the site as part of its goal to establish the first North American green hydrogen supply network.

Once operational, the plant will produce liquid green hydrogen using 100% renewable energy for customers in the Southeastern US.

Commenting on the development, Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power, said, “Green hydrogen is the environmentally conscious solution companies need and want.”

“Plug Power’s investment in this facility is an investment in Georgia — and an investment in our customers and the future world we want to live in.”

Sanjay Shrestha, General Manager of Energy Solutions and Chief Strategy Officer for Plug Power, added, “Plug Power’s newest production plant is a result of increasing customer demand.”

“More and more, customers are expressing their commitment to green hydrogen solutions. This Georgia plant is an important step for developing North America’s first force-majeure resilient green hydrogen supply network.”

“This helps Plug Power, our customers and, more importantly, the broader hydrogen economy.”

Insight from gasworld Business Intelligence 

Karina Kocha

Karina Kocha

Source: gasworld

Sharing market insights, Karina Kocha, gasworld’s Business Intelligence Manager, commented, ”Plug Power operates 6.4 tonnes per day (tpd) liquid hydrogen plant in Charleston (TN), which is going to be extended to 10 tpd. Another three plants, announced by the Plug Power, will be located in Lancaster County (PA), Genesee County (NY) and Camden County (GA). An operational plant in Charleston utilises a low carbon hydrogen production technique that includes both electrolysis and a proprietary purification process. The three announced facilities are expected to be online presumably in 2022-2023 and all of them will be green hydrogen production facilities, utilising renewable electricity.

“After commissioning of all the announced plants and an expansion of the existing one, the total PlugPower liquid hydrogen output will be totalling to over 70 tpd, which will be about 15% of the merchant liquid hydrogen volume, expected to be available by 2023.”