• The Great Lakes report, Incorporating Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio

    Great Lakes report


    The industrial gas market in the Great Lakes generated revenues of approximately $3.15bn in 2020, up from a value of around $2.29bn in 2010, indicating almost a $1bn growth in a decade and a compound annual growth rate of 3.26% p.a. for the decade.

  • India Map - January 2015

    Oxygen: Mapping out production networks


    gasworld takes seriously the difficult situation with the supply of medical oxygen in India, as well as other countries where shortages have occurred in the face of a rising third wave of the pandemic, and in its own effort to contribute to relief efforts, shares an interactive map with the ...

  • shutterstock_1327890173

    Vietnam vying for emerging hotspot status


    As gasworld prepares to host its first ever virtual event next week, focused on the Asia-Pacific markets, we take a look at a market most certainly in everyone’s future thinking when it comes to this enterprising region – Vietnam.

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    CO2 shortages: A perfect storm coming into view

    2022-09-16T08:30:00+01:00By , Global Managing Editor

    Global Managing Editor Rob Cockerill reflects on not the news of a regrettable lawsuit between end-user and supplier, but the frustrations building in a severely challenged CO2 business in Europe.

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    The hydrogen debate goes on: Pragmatist or purist?


    There’s an interesting discussion resurfacing where the origin of hydrogen is concerned. At its core, the question is whether that hydrogen should be out-and-out green, truly clean and renewable, or should it be whatever colour of the rainbow it takes to realize this great energy transition?

  • Ellen Daniels_BCGA Chief Executive

    Reflecting on a year of change


    Looking to the future for BCGA in 2022, by Ellen Daniels, CEO of the BCGA.

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