For the second consecutive year, Airgas, Inc. has won two fleet safety awards from the Compressed Gas Association (CGA). The North America industrial gases firm won the first for Bulk Gas Transportation and a further award for Cylinder Gas Transportation.

Each year, the United States’ standard setting organisation distributes the awards to promote safety standards and safe practices. The CGA calculates its Fleet Safety awards based upon the total vehicle accident frequency rate per million miles driven during the year.

Airgas is a three-time winner of the CGA Bulk Gas Transportation award and a four-time winner of the CGA Cylinder Gas Transportation award. Airgas CEO, Peter McCausland, conveyed the importance of safety, he said, “Safety is paramount with all of us at Airgas and we are honored for being recognized by the CGA for having the best safety record among large fleets, both bulk and cylinder gas.”

“In a year that presented us with several distractions, our drivers proved their mettle yet again by maintaining focus on safely meeting the needs of Airgas customers.$quot;

McCausland continued, $quot;This recognition also highlights the effectiveness of the Airgas SAFECOR organization, which coordinates our safety, compliance and regulatory efforts. We are proud of our achievement and will continue to focus on working safely in our local communities and nationwide.”

Airgas COO, Mike Molinini, remarked, “Airgas has the largest fleet in the industry, and we improved on our award-winning safety record again this year.”

Molinini revealed the company's secret saying, “Our fleet safety success is a result of effective training programs and outstanding implementation by dedicated individuals across the country, and it is all the more impressive in light of the 55 million miles we drove in the particularly demanding category of cylinder gas transportation.”