Amrhein was previously Marketing Director at Honeywell where he was in charge of refrigerants, foam blowing agents, aerosols and solvents across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India.

Amrhein has wide experience of dealing with regulatory bodies in the refrigeration industry and developing new initiative and business models.

The new Commercial Strategy Director will help develop the A-Gas strategy on F-Gas and help to shape how the company will move forward in the future in the UK and Continental Europe.

Amrhein believes that there are a multiple opportunities for development in the refrigeration industry around the challenges presented by the F-Gas Regulations and the uncertainty brought about by Brexit.

“These are exciting times for the refrigeration industry in the UK and across mainland Europe. The growing importance of refrigeration reclamation means A-Gas has an opportunity to help the industry make some smart decisions on the options available, make the most of the reclaimed material and leapfrog to a new generation of low GWP refrigerants,” said Amrhein.

A-Gas is based in Bristol in the UK but has offices all over the world and is an internationally recognised company for the lifecycle management of refrigerants and industrial gases, fire suppressants and blowing agents.