Speciality chemical and gases management expert A-Gas is expanding its business operations in Minnesota, US.

A-Gas now has more than 30 locations around the US, offering a wide range of refrigerants and other speciality products, all of which have potential to contribute to global warming if not handled with the highest level of care.

Commenting on the company’s expansion, Taylor Ferranti, A-Gas’ Vice-President of Refrigerants, said, “Following our entry into the Minnesota marketplace in 2018, we’ve experienced rapid growth.”

“Demand from customers, suppliers, and key industry partners for A-Gas’s broad suite of environmental solutions, creates an attractive position for expansion in Minnesota. The US will start the phasedown of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in six months, and A-Gas has a broad portfolio of products and services to ease this transition for our customers and partners.”

Mike Armstrong, President of A-Gas in the Americas, added, “Our key focus, in our operations around the world, is to eliminate the emission risk of these potent greenhouse gases to the environment.”

“A-Gas has delivered valuable, industry-leading solutions for our partners across the Midwest, and our expansion in Minnesota reflects on both our passion for sustainable refrigerant management and protecting our environment.”