Refrigerant gas supply specialist A-Gas has expanded its presence in the US market following the acquisition of Certified Refrigerant Services (CRS), a refrigerant recovery and reclamation company.

Based in Florida, CRS – a leading EPA Certified reclaimer – provides environmental solutions for refrigerant recovery and reclamation throughout the state. 

Commenting on the new venture, Jack Govers, Group CEO, A-Gas, said, “We are delighted to be expanding further our refrigerant business in the USA.” 

“This acquisition demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the effective lifecycle management of refrigerants which is a critical part of the circular economy and building a sustainable future.” 

Considered a leading presence in Florida’s refrigerant reclamation market, CRS aims to harness A-Gas’ global resources to grow and develop the business. 

“Joining A-Gas is a fantastic new home for our business,” said Rick Roland, Founder, CEO, CRS. 

“Together, we will be better positioned to service the vital businesses we’ve supported over the years” 

Focusing on US growth, A-Gas also recently expanded its refrigerant services in New Orleans, Louisiana, by offering its Rapid Exchange programme in the city and surrounding areas, in addition to its announcement in September last year that it would be expanding operations in both Missouri and Seattle.