A-Gas is continuing its aggressive expansion in the North American market, having this week expanded its service options in St. Louis, Missouri.

The speciality chemical and gases management expert said it wants to expand its refrigerant service across the nation to increase options for reclaim as a result of the AIM Act.

Already this month, the company has expanded operations in Seattle.

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On the expansion, John Lowrie, National Field Director at A-Gas, said, “With the changing regulations we recognised a need for fast, easy and safe refrigerant management in the St. Louis area.”

“Our rapid exchange programme gives partners the opportunity to save time by having our technicians exchange full tanks for empty cylinders right at their site.”

“We hope that by making the process easy we will encourage reclamation of refrigerants which will help to secure the future supply for the entire industry.”

To help reduce impact on global warming, A-Gas has committed itself to providing environmentally responsible refrigerant management solutions for the HVACR industry. 

On top of that, the company has also heavily invested in its separation technology and capacity to be able to bring gases back to the certified state for reintroduction in the marketplace.

Commenting on this, Taylor Ferranti, Vice-President of Refrigerants at A-Gas, said, “We recognise that there will be a continued need for these products to service the current installed base, so we are investing not only in our technology, but in our service footprint to help make reclamation services easier for our customers.”

“By reclaiming thee gases, not only are we reducing the need for virgin materials to be produced, but we are continuing to contribute to the circular economy.”

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In focus… Refrigerant gases & technologies

For more than 25 years, A-Gas has supplied gases to the refrigeration, air conditioning and fire suppressant industries across the globe. These largely unseen industries are essential to a functioning modern society. Demand for refrigerants has accelerated at an extraordinary rate and A-Gas has grown rapidly in response to this.

Refrigerants are an essential part of modern life and take a critical role in various industries including healthcare, fire protection, transport and food production and supply. Without refrigerants, food supplies in cities would run out in a week. This acceleration is happening at a time when the world is facing a huge environmental challenge. Global average temperatures are rising and if they continue at the current rate it could drastically affect infrastructure and ecosystems.

Experts believe that by slowing global warming to below 1.5°C by the end of the century climate risks can be reduced significantly. Low carbon heating and cooling will play a key role in this, and by promoting energy efficient technologies and reducing the use of high global warming potential (GWP) gases in refrigeration and air conditioning, a real difference can be made.

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