A-Gas Australia has today announced the launch of new analytical services which will make a significant contribution to safer refrigerant re-use and system preventative maintenance.

Designed to provide analysis of oil and refrigerant in a currently operating HVAC&R system, the A-Gas Refrig Health Check (RHC) is described by the company as the perfect for system troubleshooting or can be used to target annual maintenance, ensuring contamination issues are resolved before system damage occurs.

Meanwhile Full Refrigerant Analysis (FRA) from A-Gas is another new product designed to inform contractors and end-users about the quality of reclaimed refrigerant which has been banked for re-use.

Describing the benefits of the RHC tool, Graeme Dewerson, A-Gas Refrigerants Sales Manager, said, “This boxed product contains all equipment needed to take the samples without cross contamination. Also included is a prepaid TNT consignment note to ensure a prompt response from the A-Gas laboratory.”

“A full report on the condition of the refrigerant and the oil is provided, together with the steps needed to remediate any problems and extend system working life.”

Turning his attention to the newly launched FRA, Dewerson added, “Full Refrigerant Analysis (FRA) is a key tool for R22 management. It helps determine if end-users can re-use reclaimed gas or if it should be professionally recycled. Using recycled R22 backed with enhanced system maintenance allows operators to remain on R22 rather than being pushed towards retrofit or early investment in new equipment.”

“It will allow them to evaluate new HFO solutions as they reach the market and means that systems run on the gas they were designed to use rather than on a replacement that may offer reduced performance and lower energy efficiency.”